Louisiana Hunting Land

  A index of over 250 Louisiana hunting leases owned by the state of Louisiana. If you are looking for Louisiana hunting land, Louisiana Lands is a must have book.  

Louisiana Lands


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About the book

Land Details

 Louisiana Lands is a first of its kind book covering a subject matter that few residents of Louisiana have ever known to exist. Louisiana Lands is my effort to index all land in Louisiana owned by a State entity that is either “leased to”, “or open to” the public for hunting. Every school board 16th section, levee board lease, waterway commission lease and port authority lease is in this book. With over 250 listed tracts, ranging in size from 50 to 1200 acres, everyone will find something to suit their hunting needs. If you are searching Louisiana hunting leases for waterfowl hunting or deer hunting this is the best resource you will ever find. The leases are categorized by Parish.  Each page contains a satellite photo with a red outline showing the border of the land tract, the state entity that owns the tract, the size and the location of the tract. If the tract is leased it also shows the lease term, the date the current lease began, the date the current lease expires and the current cost per year. All tracts that are leased are open to the public for bid upon expiration of the current lease. All bids are opened at the same time and available for public inspection. The highest bidder is awarded the lease. This is all covered under state law and is strictly followed. This is your chance to get some Louisiana hunting land of your own.

Open Public Hunting

Some of the best Louisiana hunting leases are school board land. The School Boards of several parishes leave there 16th section land open for public hunting. You may well have lived a short drive from thousands of acres of public Louisiana hunting land all your life and had no idea it was there. As far as Louisiana hunting properties go, most school board land is hard to beat.

About the Author

 Jason Ellender was born and educated in Southwest Louisiana.  At an early age his father introduced him and his older brother to the quality fishing and hunting that the state of Louisiana has to offer.  In the past forty years, he has fished and hunted throughout Louisiana.  As a single father raising a four year old daughter, he intends to instill in her the love of hunting and fishing which has always been a tradition of father's and their children throughout Louisiana.  He still lives in Southwest Louisiana and works in local industry. 

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